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influences from the whole range of the arts, 90ο C theater platform was created to focus on social issues like LGBTQI+, climate crisis, migration, racial discrimination, women’s rights, regional wars e.t.c. It was founded by Dimitris Komninos, in 2004 and in the years to come it was to stage some of the most emblematic productions in Athens, that have been appraised both by the audience and critics alike.

Image by Majestic Lukas

Breaking The Code
by Hugh Whitemore
The Life and Work of Alan Turing

2019 // 2020

Alan Matheson Turing deciphered Nazi communication codes, hastening World War II, saving at least 17 millions of souls. He was the mathematician who  laid the foundations of the third millennium, of new thinking - artificial intelligence. He invented the programmable computer. He was an athlete - a marathon runner. He was autistic. He was an atheist. He was gay. He lived his love life, proudly, against the suffocating Puritanism of his time, by which he was convicted in 1952, under the "anti-public obscenity"  1885 law.

He was chemically castrated. He killed himself when he was only 41 of years old. 

Forget everything you've been taught
2018 // 2019

The 90°C Theater Platform turns up the heat with what is clearly the queerest lesson in the history of pedagogy.  "THE LESSON" by E. Ionesco, emblematic comedy drama of 1950, as "THE LESSON" in Athens 2018

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